Freedom to explore. License to create.

Unleash the builder in you, without asking for permission.

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How It Works

Fellows come to Paved at different stages in their early career journey. Whether as a summer internship, part-time during the school year or a full gap year, match with other top students that align with your interests and goals to do your best work together.

There are two Fellowship Opportunities with Paved:
Run a Featured Project or Build Your Own

Build Your Own

Pitch a project

Propose to the community what you'd like to work on. It could be a startup idea, a research project, a fundraising initiative, a podcast, etc. The more specific and ambitious, the better.

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Form a team

Match with other top students to work remotely or in person. Align across complementary skill sets to increase your team's capabilities. Keep each other motivated and have fun.

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Showcase your work to top startups

Showcase your projects to top startups. Your profile will live on Paved throughout your early career journey so that startups can discover and apply to you.

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