Launch into tech with a self-directed internship

Paved is a highly selective incubator of early tech talent. Collaborate on a real-world project to build your resume, grow your network, and prove your mettle to top startups.

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the challenges
Gaining experience without having experience: How do you break into tech without tech experience? Startup internships are relatively scarce and extremely difficult to get.

Standing out from the crowd: Tech hiring emphasizes qualities like: strong bias for action, eager to learn, autonomous, self-starter, comfort with ambiguity, and ability to drive projects from conception to completion. These are qualities our education system inhibits, that traditional credentials fail to convincingly demonstrate, and that are all behavioral.
the solution

Create your own internship: Self-directed and action-packed. Dive deep on a problem that intrigues you by conceiving a project and driving it to completion. Collaborate with outstanding peers to develop soft and hard skills, build your network, and demonstrate highly desirable traits to top startups. Coursework cannot simulate real work, and what better time to practice than while you're a student.


Push your comfort zone while having fun

Challenge yourself and your peers with the added security and benefit of a highly competitive internship on your resume.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

― Richard Branson

Develop skills and a world-class network

Whether a summer internship, part-time during the school year or a gap year, the skills and network you'll develop will form the foundation for a prolific career.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

― Mark Twain

Get discovered by top startups

Astute hiring managers at top startups have eyes on Paved to recruit the next generation of leaders.

“We are our choices. Build yourself a great story.”

― Jeff Bezos

Internship Comparison

Comparison in table format of conventional vs self-directed internships with Paved.

While the right conventional internship is absolutely worthwhile, what is the marginal benefit of yet another conventional internship on your résumé and toward your personal development vs challenging yourself with Paved?

Startups value self-directed internships

Top startups are watching Paved to discover the next generation of innovators. Check out their career pages to see for yourself.

Your early tech career launching pad.

  • Do something real, and for yourself!
  • Differentiate your resume.
  • Meet your future co-founders.
  • Get discovered by top startups.

Services & Tuition

  • Demo Day to at least 4 senior tech operators, such as founders that have gone through Y Combinator, and experienced staff from big tech (e.g., Google, Dropbox) and top startups (e.g., Chainlink, Vercel,
  • Lifetime profile on Paved so that startups can discover your work and apply to you with internship and entry-level employment opportunities, increasing your odds of a) breaking into tech; and b) with a higher starting salary
  • Promotion of your project to 1,000+ senior tech operators
  • 12 team mentorship hours
  • Pairing with other top students interested in doing similar work


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