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Paved is a highly selective incubator of early talent. The best students in the nation come to Paved to design and complete rigorous self-directed real-world projects that unequivocally demonstrate highly sought-after entrepreneurial and leadership traits:
  • strong bias for action
  • ability to self-start and self-govern
  • ease with ambiguity
  • love for challenges and solving problems
  • learning agility and adaptibility
  • clear communication and collaboration skills

The result is a robust and differentiated signal of execution effectiveness designed for startups.

designed for startups, Paved:
Attracts top early talent

The best and brightest, and also the most differentiated and innovative

Selects for startups

Demonstrated leadership mindset and skills

Develops & Deploys

Project-based learning and world-class programming


Engage dynamic talent ready for startups

Our fellows are proven self-starters that relish ambiguity and thrive working autonomously.

“The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world."

― Marc Benioff

Reap the virtue of real skills and supplemental support

While our fellows embed with your team, we provide ongoing resources and mentorship to help them manage up and deliver results.

“Students who only know how to perform well in today’s education system—get good grades and test scores, and earn degrees—will no longer be those who are most likely to succeed. Thriving in the twenty-first century will require real competencies, far more than academic credentials.”

― Tony Wagner

Empower the next generation

Amplify your personal brand by supporting self-directed education and the liberating choice of a debt-free alternative to cartel credentialing.

“There was a time when a degree was worth it in terms of cost/benefit. That time has passed. We prove it by hiring non-college grads and building true alternatives.”

― Balaji Srinivasan

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Everyone has their worldview. Let's work together to pave a more dignified way forward.

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